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Company History

iViD Digital Security was established in 2003 and was one of the first Companies in the UK to design and develop Digital Video Recording Systems & Software for the Security Industry. At a time when Time-Lapse VCRs were used for recording images from CCTV cameras, not only did Digital Recording improve the images from analogue CCTV cameras, it was also so much easier to retrieve digital images and much more convenient for end-users to search and playback video without the need for the constant changing of VCR tapes.


We supplied many CCTV Installers with our Digital Video Recorders in these early days and they were used all over the UK and Ireland. We supplied direct to many large companies such as Landrover UK, Warburtons, Severn Trent Water, Retail Stores such as Vans and Kurtgeiger. We were one of the first Companies to provide remote offsite CCTV Monitoring via our own Software developed by us in house.


In 2007 we manufactured and developed our own range of Re-Deployable Street CCTV Cameras that used GPRS & 3G to transmit live images from remote locations or locations where it was too expensive to install a traditional cabled CCTV camera. These systems were then adopted by Councils, Police Forces and Fire Service for Temporary CCTV Monitoring, Anti-Social Behaviour, Fly-Tipping Etc. These systems are still in use today, but the technology has moved on rapidly and all our Re-Deployable CCTV Cameras Systems are now High Definition with features such as Intelligent Video Analytics and Auto-Tracking.


In 2011 we started providing be-spoke wireless network based CCTV Systems for Council CCTV Control Rooms, and today we provide large scale Wireless High Defintion CCTV Systems and integrate these Systems with many CCTV Control Rooms. We design install and maintain these systems both onsite and offsite and have also provided solutions where the need for expensive Fibre-Optic cables have been eliminated and has been replaced by Wirleless High Speed Network links that has reduced ongoing costs of Fibre Rental for the Council.


We have a highly skilled and experienced team of CCTV, Security Alarm, Access Control, Network Engineers and can provide all aspects of security solutions. We are very proud of the reputation we have built up over the years with our Clients and have gained the experience necessary to provide complete solutions for all aspects of Electronic Security.